Unit 6: Quantitative Methods; Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Quantitative Methods

Assignment: Article Critique 2


Creswell, John W. (2018)  – Chapter 8: Quantitative Methods 

Yamanis, T., Malik, M., Río-González, D., María, A., Wirtz, A. L., Cooney, E., & Poteat, T. (2018). Legal immigration status is associated with depressive symptoms among Latina transgender women in Washington, DC. International journal of environmental research and public health, 15(6), 1246.

Qualitative Methods:



(250 word abstract and 10 sources)




Creswell, John W. (2018) – Chapter 9: Qualitative Methods

Delgado-Romero, E., Singh, A. A., & De Los Santos, J. (2018). Cuéntame: 2: The promise of qualitative research with latinx populations. Journal of Latinx Psychology, 6(4), 318-328.

Vos, S. R., Shrader, C. H., Alvarez, V. C., Meca, A., Unger, J. B., Brown, E. C., … & Schwartz, S. J. (2021). Cultural stress in the age of mass xenophobia: Perspectives from Latin/o adolescents. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 80, 217-230.

Mixed Methods

Assignment: Article Critique 3


Creswell, John W. (2018)  – Chapter 6: Mixed Method Procedures

Suárez-Orozco, C., & Hernández, G. L. (2020). “Waking Up Every Day With the Worry”: A Mixed-Methods Study of Anxiety in Undocumented Latinx College Students. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11.

MacCarthy, S., Izenberg, M., Barreras, J. L., Brooks, R. A., Gonzalez, A., & Linnemayr, S. (2020). Rapid mixed-methods assessment of COVID-19 impact on Latinx sexual minority men and Latinx transgender women. PLoS One, 15(12), e0244421.